Ama continues to improve since leaving the ICU. It is imperative that she have peace, calm, and quiet so she can focus on recovery and nothing else, and the best way to ensure that is to limit visits until she is stronger and in better shape physically after such a traumatic experience and major surgery. As Ama said on her Facebook page: "...i am okay. it will be a long road to recovery. i may not share much. thank you for your kindness, support, light and love..."

Please rest assured that she is improving, getting excellent care, and is expected to fully recover. Continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and send her your best healing loving energy.

If you wish to provide Ama with financial assistance, you can send money to her directly via Pay Pal by using the email address You can also reach out to those coordinating efforts on Ama's behalf at or at if you want to assist in other ways.

Updates will be posted here as more information on Ama's recovery becomes available.